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As a family run business, we believe that Customer Service should be at the forefront of any business.

We aim to provide our customers the best possible service, with upfront and honest advice from the very start.

We believe in the ethos of no hidden costs or surprises, which is why before you set-up a credit line with us, you can go through our contracts, return conditions and advice of charges, that way you know exactly what to expect.

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Before Delivery of a Car...

We’ve got a great range of short-term solutions available with access to over 1,000 vehicles at anyone time. We can discuss the different short-term schemes we have available from our Car Subscriptions to our fixed short-term options.

List of services:

Our vehicles cannot be specified like a long-term lease, but we run some fantastic brands such as Audi, BMW, Citroen, Peugeot, Kia, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, Seat, Skoda, VW and Volvo. So we’ve got some great options.

If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for, the team will step in and find cars that you might like to run.

Whether your a business who needs a short-term solution or an individual who needs a temporary car, we can help you.

We also help those who have opted out of a company car scheme and new start businesses.

During your contract...

Our hire agreements are in place to protect both parties, but especially to keep our customers mobile. Our team are on hand to answer any of your questions whether you need a copy VAT invoice or need to arrange a new tyre.

We’re also here to help you when it comes to nearing the end of your contract, off hires or even just needing a bit of advice.

During your contact you may hear from us for mileage requests, proof of insurance or even communication to do with parking or speeding offences.

After The Vehicle Has Gone Back...

If you should send your car back and not swap into another, then we will get in touch with regards to finalising your end of contract.

We hope you haven’t had any damage or excess mileage, this will invoiced and sent over to you with a full breakdown of your rental.

Your credit line remains in place for a further 3 months, should you wish to come back to us. If 3 months has elapsed, its a simple process to re-activate your account.

Moving into something long term...

If the reason for sending your car back is that you want something more long term, we can still help.

Our find a car lease service is a great way of saving time and potencially money.

We use our systems and 12 different funders to search the market to find you the best deal on your next 2/3 year car lease.

We’re especially competitive with Tesla models and we can also tap into manufacturer backed funders such as Alphabet, Daimler and VWFS.

Get In Touch

You can email, call, fax (yes we still use these), SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook or Tweet us! We can also arrange a meeting at our London based offices.

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Elise Hodges

“Rebecca has been a darling from the very beginning and we discuss fashion more than we do cars. Beautiful Fiat 500 turned up on my doorstep when promised with a reusable cup from Rebecca. Thank you so much for being the company you promised to be.”

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