New Business Car Lease

Are you a new BusinesS?

If you are a new-start business, trying to get an acceptance on a car lease can prove difficult without filed positive accounts or any trading history.

We can help!

As we do all of the underwriting within the business, our experienced underwriters look at the whole picture. As one of the market leaders in the UK for new start business short-term car leases, we will consider all applications.

These include:

How we do it!

Our underwriters look at your business and look where it currently stands and where it is going. They will also look at the Directors, their current credit score and their previous history.

Whilst most companies we accept will be on our standard terms, our underwriters look at the risk and may ask for a refundable deposit, Directors Guarantee, higher documentation fee, restriction of which vehicles can be taken and/or a higher initial rental. Our monthly rate will always remain as advertised and credit limits can be reviewed every 3, 6 or 12 months, or when new account are filed with comapnies house.

Uses of Short-Term Cars!

What you get from us!

More information

If you would like more information on any of our short-term car lease solutions for new businesses, please use the contact details below or complete the Get in Touch form.

Personal Guarantees

Personal Guarantees maybe required for our business contracts. This is usually from the director/s of the company. The guarantee is only enforced if the company fails to pay its owed invoices. These can be for rentals, excess mileage charges, in-contract charges, damage and any other amounts related to the contract.

It is recommended that all those required to sign a personal guarantee seek legal advice before signing the document.

New Business Car Lease

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Jodie Hall

“Cannot fault them, 4th car and a happy lady. Cars have always been brand new, swapovers nice and easy, even with Covid. Big shout out to Rhys for sorting me out my Apple CarPlay”

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